Spring Break 2016 – Take us with you!

WOAH, can you believe we made it through another Minnesota winter?! It’s time to treat yo’self to some sips on the beach and some warm rays. First things first, you need to book your goGLOW. Step on the beach day one and you’re swimsuit ready, bronzed and looking ah-maze-ing. Here is our step by step guide to the perfect vacation glow… #1 For the perfect bronze for your trip, book you and your friends a goGLOW spray tan 1-2 days before you leave. If you are booking other pre vacay services (mani/pedi, waxing, facials, etc.) make sure to book these 24+ hours before your goGLOW appointment as some products used can impede the tanning process. #2 See our “How to achieve the perfect goGLOW tan” blog post for our insider secrets on getting the most flawless tan. #3 Show up to your appointment on time and ready to get GLOWing! Spring break season is busy busy! Make sure to wear or bring dark, loosely fitted clothing for after your tan. #4 Don’t forget to pick up our MUST HAVE ultimate travel pack! Here’s what’s inside…
  • Coola Sport SPF 30 – our favorite! Made with organic ingredients and protects your tan from fading in chlorine and ocean salt water!
  • Body Butter – Our body butter is rich, fast drying and smells of a coconut cocktail! It soaks into your skin and heals and repairs the dermis while protecting your sunless tan.
  • Sulfate-free Cleanser – Sulfate free cleansers are our #1 essential for any post spray tan showers. This one is pH balancing and soap free! BONUS it’s perfect for shaving your gams!
  • Tan mist touch up spray – For the areas that fade a bit faster, or when you want to get a deeper and darker glow while you’re away, lightly mist your face, decolletage, tops of arms, hands and feet with this paraben free self tanning touch up spray, loaded with vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid to boost moisture levels in your skin.
#5 Continue checking yourself out in the mirror. Who knew having a natural brown tan would make you look 10 pounds thinner? It does! #6 Enjoy that vacation! Relax, play and don’t forget to tag us in all your gorgeously GLOWing photos! @go_glow NOT going on a trip? Book your tan and enjoy a Minnesota staycation, and enjoy all of the benefits that having a tan does to your body image and self esteem. As always, feel free to call, text or email us with any questions. XO, The goGLOWgirls

Let's get glowing :)