Sunless Tanning Routine to Get the Perfect Eco-friendly GLOW

With our new skincare line of goGLOW products, you can get the perfect eco-friendly self-tan at home or to help you keep your spray tan lasting longer. Let’s break down all the ingredients and their purpose for each step


Here's alllll the goods on our INSANE pH Balancing CLEANSE. As sunless experts we know that pH balanced skin is key when it comes to an even, golden brown spray tan. We also know that so many popular products on the market do just the opposite. They strip your skin of its natural oils, throwing off its pH. The culprit: Shower cleansers, body washes, foams and bars of soap. These are likely the cause of your dry, itchy, tight and unbalanced skin post shower. Not only are these products taking a toll on your delicate skin but they definitely contribute to an unfavorable looking tan. Think 🍊. We formulated a hydrating shower cleanser that will heal your skin and should be used daily, with or without, a goGLOW. This hydrating cleanser contains hyaluronic acid (found naturally in the body) to lock in moisture and create fullness. We added Organic Gingko Biloba to help fight the visible signs of aging that could be caused from sulfate and chemical laden skincare products. Added bonus: we included Organic meadowsweet extract that soothes and tones as well as Organic Calendula extract that brightens and reenergizes your skin, making this the perfect soap-free, PH balancing, addition to your routine.


THIS. As much as we love all our new babies, we are having a favorite child moment with HYDRATE. This all over hydrating body butter is infused with argan oil, organic rose hip oil, hyaluronic acid, organic hemp seed oil, shea, jojoba...should we keep going? Seriously, this body butter will transform your skin. Light enough for use twice daily without any greasy residue and yet jammed packed with with allll the things. Prepare for hyaluronic to give you silky smooth, hydrated skin - exactly how we want our skin before a goGLOW (and always). Argan oil is packed with omega fatty acids that boost healthy cell production and rose hip oil combats free radicals and improves skin tone, texture and pigmentation. Use HYDRATE 24 hours post goGLOW twice daily. You will love your skin and in turn your skin will love your goGLOW. Think longer lasting tans and the perfect even fade.


This gradual self tanning moisturizer will be a little ray of sunshine in your skincare routine.  Organic coconut oil, shea butter and banana fruit extract penetrate deeply into the skin for a restorative, healing effect. This is something not many self tanning lotions do! Many are filled with high levels of alcohol and chemicals causing rough, cracked skin. A major no no for spray tanned skin. The caffeine in this lotion works to stimulate circulation, tightening and smoothing the skin. Hello gorgeous gams! And lastly our favorite ingredient is the Kakadu plum fruit extract which is an amazing source of vitamin C. This product is pretty much everyone's essential for glowing skin!


Need a little afternoon refresh? TOUCH UP is the perfect mix of bronze and hydration. Use this self tanning touch up spray on face, décolleté, hands and feet when you need a little boost. It's totally normal that your hands, feet and face with fade quicker than the rest of your body. We are constantly washing our hands, wearing shoes and using anti aging products on our face. All good things, don't switch up your routine. Add in TOUCH UP and you're back in action! Filled with hyaluronic acid and organic aloe leaf juice, your skin will be perfectly bronzed and hydrated. We like to spray over a clean face before bed (don't worry your face will not feel dry!) White tea extract also help retain moisture while brightening and evening the complexion. This amazing spray even contains grapefruit extract that will help fight those nasty free radicals! All four essentials are available in full-size as THE COLLECTION or TSA approved sizes with our ULTIMATE TRAVEL KIT at all goGLOW locations and online in our shop. Follow us on Instagram @go_glow to learn more about our products and for exclusive promotions and contests. SUNLESS SELF-TAN routine for the eco-friendly

Let's get glowing :)